Summerfield Nursery School has offered a nurturing environment to young children for more than 30 years. The original structure was a fruit packing shed on a farm in Olivedale, that was converted into a crèche and so became the first nursery school in the area. The school also has an Old Dutch Windmill that was built by Italian Prisoners of War during 1945 for a wealthy Dutch diamond dealer. Our windmill has since been declared a Heritage site, something the school is very proud of! Over the years the school has been renovated and improved several times, the last being in 2011. We are now proud to offer a professional, safe, modern and nurturing nursery school to our children aged between 4 months to 6 years.


School’s Vision

At Summerfield our aim is to teach your child to have fun while playing and learning from a young age. We strive to teach children how to effectively communicate with each other through language development as well as social and emotional development. We highlight and remind the children of the importance of good manners and respect towards their teachers, friends, parents and themselves. As a school we acknowledge the parents’ various religious preferences and expect kind, honest and respectful behaviour from the children, parents and teachers at all times.

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